Car Crash
Vehicle History
Purchasing a used car or simply curious? Find out if a vehicle had prior accidents, has issues with its title and many more.
Vehicle Specs
Find out where in the world the vehicle was built, what engine it has, safety features and many more - all powered by our trusty National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
ID Card
License Plates
Don't have the VIN Number handy? Simply select the US State, enter the License Plate and let us look up the vehicle for you.
Unlimited Use
The app is completely free to use - no accounts needed, no payment needed, nothing.
On-Device Reader
Using AI Machine Learning on your device, you can simply take a photo of the License Plate or the VIN Number and your phone will decode it for you. Your photo stays on your device and is never sent to us.
VIN Scanner
Need to scan a car real quick? Use the barcode scanner, point at the drivers door jamb barcode and get accurate scans instantly.
ScanThatCar comes standard with light mode and a clean interface. Prefer to give your eyes some rest and like the dark side instead? Simply flip the switch and the lights go off instantly.
We deeply care about privacy and we never sell your data. We do ask to collect some anonymous analytics on how the app is used (e.g. license plate vs VIN, theme changes and so on), so we can help better it for you and the others. We also give you the option to opt-out of any and all analytics directly from the app.